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The importance of staying in touch with your clients!

Are you keeping track and staying in touch with your clients effectively and efficiently?

Customers are business's most valuable assets! More valuable than any machines, computers, or tools that help you produce, manufacture or serve!

You should cherish them and it start by staying in touch.

By staying in contact with them, customers feels valued and they are more likely to remain loyal to your company!

Wellnex gives more than a connection!

Wellnex is the leading platform for Healthcare and Wellness, and it keep both you and your clients not only connected but related!

Here’s why you should offer Wellnex membership to your clients:


Wellnex members gain access to exclusive benefits for numerous health and lifestyle services from over 70 merchants. These include roadside assistance at $54 fixed price to come and tow your car, $50 to replace your battery or your tyres.

Wellnex has also home services which are priced competitively, for instance, you will pay $45 to get your air-conditioning cleaned.

With more than 70 merchants in F&B, Lifestyle and Fitness, for sure you will find something that you like at the price that you love!

Check some benefits here


Wellnex members offer the most affordable health benefits in Singapore through more than 250 clinics spread Islandwide!

You can get a Health screening for $50 that will give you a full view of your blood and urine situation.

You will pay only $50 for dental treatment that includes polishing, cleansing and full dental review.

Also you pay only $12 for GP Consultation, $10 for TCM and $100 for first consultation at any of our specialists.

Check all the health benefit here


Wellnex aims to support members in their health and wellness – all in one platform. Wellnex boasts multiple functions – from checking the news and weather to receiving news updates you. They will be informed first-hand via notifications about any special promotions or news that you disseminate, thereby encouraging brand loyalty.

Rest assured that personal data is kept secure as Wellnex is DPTM-certified by IMDA.

No one get access to it unless you give them consent.

You can use SingPass single sign on to be sure that your access are protected under the Singapore Government approach


With Wellnex, you can your dependents Domestic helper as well. They will enjoy the same benefits and discounts too!

You can also reward them with special deals and promotions on Wellnex, such as when they refer another client to you. These benefits will no doubt help you to attract new prospective clients, as well as satisfy your current clients.

Wellnex is referral program!

Ony our partners (Financial Advisors, Sport Clubs, Retail stores, and other communities) can give you the access to such deals.

If you are interested to join as a partner, please send us a Whatsapp: 98271575

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