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Why Wellnex grows so fast and appeals to Singapore Financial Advisors?

Launched in early 2020, just before the pandemic, to support the digitalisation of the Financial Advisors in Singapore, Wellnex is now the leading platform used by more than 800 Financial Advisors daily!

Why such success? We believe it is a combination of few factors:

Wellnex Digital Value Proposition for Financial Advisors:

  • Combined with My-insurer Platform, Wellnex has more than 45 functionalities that help Financial Advisors to generate leads, nurture clients, and collect the right data in full compliance to advise and support their policyholders.

  • Financial Advisors can onboard a lead in less than a minute. Wellnex asks 6 questions and done! It became seamless to generate a smart lead and offers him/her a good package,

  • Wellnex has a Financial Planning Tool that can issue in 10 minutes a 30 pages report for review and analysis.

  • With Wellnex and My-insurer combined, Financial Advisors have access to a compliance KYC/FNA that are recognised by the top 5 insurers in Singapore (AXA, Income, China Life, Tokio Marine, Aviva, SingLife). This KYC/FNA can be filled up in 10 minutes which makes it the most efficient KYC in town.

  • Financial Advisors can publish and send email marketing and leverage on Social Network as all of these are automatically integrated!

Wellnex App unique concept for Members:

  • Healthcare services which are extremely affordable. Wellnex has signed with more than 200 clinics to offers dental consultation at $50, Gp consultation at $12, TCM consultation at $10 and Health screening starting from $50.

  • Free Concierge: To book your health screening, dental appointment... our concierge is here to do it on your behalf.

  • Daily Offers: The marketing team of Wellnex post about 4-5 daily promotions that are available in restaurants, stores, malls, bars, hair dressers and more. The team screen around 70 different websites and social network to find the most relevant offers that will suit its members. As a consequence, Wellnex members do not need to subscribe to so many website, only one is sufficient!

  • Exclusive discount from more than 80 merchants in Lifestyle, Wellness and Fitness. For instance, you can get a full body massage at $29 for one hour only.

Affordability of the subscription:

  • Wellnex understand the difficulties for Financial Advisor to afford such comprehensive platform,

  • Wellnex is not expensive and simple to subscribe: one single fee for a year! All in one.

  • Financial Advisors public price is $120/month, but as soon as you as an agency! Discount may apply.

Data security and data compliance certification:

  • Wellnex and My-insurer are PDPC Certifed by IMDA

  • Wellnex architecture has been designed to follow the highest security protocol and standards of the market.

  • Wellnex is TRM compliant and servers are hosted on Microsoft Azure, the leading Infrastructure Provider in the world

  • ​All traffic to and from Wellnex servers are protected by SSL. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

Dynamic platform managed by pro-active team

  • Wellnex and My-insurer regroups more than 11 people dedicated to its clients

  • The team onboard, train and support the 800 over financial advisors to ensure that they are able to focus on advising their clients

  • Wellnex deploys every months new features and functionalities to ensure that the platform remains up to date and provide the best digital tool in town.

And much more.....

You are not part of Wellnex and would like to know more on how to join and also change the way you do business?

Contact us at: 97385893

or whatsapp us by tapping here


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