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24/7 Pickup/Dropoff Islandwide



24/7 Islandwide



24/7 Islandwide

Roadside Assistance: Packages

Our towing partners are covering most motor insurers in Singapore.

Additional surcharges may apply for:

  1. Luxury car

  2. Multi-storey carpark/basement carpark

  3. King dolly

  4. Crane

For Expressway, first-leg will be done by EMAS (part of LTA arrangement). EMAS will tow to nearest exit for free and we will take over. ​Payment is paid directly to the tow-truck; Cash or PayNow only.

Roadside Assistance: About

Our Roadside Partner is Across Asia Assist (AAA)

AAA is a digital assistance company operating in  Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia. AAA is a Core Partner of IAG, the largest alliance of independent assistance companies and providers in the world.

Roadside Assistance: About
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