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5 Proven Strategies To Boost Your Sales

Most entrepreneurs use social media as the main marketing strategy. However, an eye-catching Instagram account alone is no longer sufficient. Businesses need to do more to stand out from their competitors. In this article, we explore 5 marketing strategies that can boost your business.

Loyalty Program

Brand loyalty is the most important aspect of a successful business. But how do you make your customers keep coming back to shop with you? By implementing a loyalty program! Loyal customers should be your focus and hence it is imperative to appreciate their loyalty. With Wellnex, you can offer membership cards with various tiers to your customers and give exclusive discounts! The more they patronise you, the more bonuses they collect. Therefore, they will be motivated to keep shopping with you, and you can expect a constant stream of sales.

Birthday Special

People are usually more willing treat themselves around their birthdays. With Wellnex, not only are you able to collect your clients’ birthdays, you can wish them a happy birthday via an online postcard, as well as offer a birthday special discount. This is a great opportunity to bring smiles to your customers. In turn, they will feel valued and are more likely to spend their birthdays with you!

Are you using any social media platforms? These are excellent tools for branding and engaging your customers. You can post visuals that appeal to your target audience, and turn your followers into customers! Wellnex complements your social media activities. Whenever you publish a post on Wellnex, you can also automatically broadcast it on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition, you may post your Wellnex QR code on your social media platforms to allow your followers to join you on Wellnex. Once they sign up under you, you are able to retrieve their basic information and use them for marketing.

Word of mouth recommendation is the best way to reward loyal customers and gain new ones. When a customer likes your product, he or she will be willing to share it with their family and friends. Leverage on this by rewarding them with some discounts! When the recommendation comes from someone you are close to, people tend to trust and explore it. Hence, referral programs are a cost-effective way to make your customers do the marketing for you.

It may be 2021, but sending regular email newsletters to your clients is still relevant. Each newsletter can consist of relevant current affairs and updates about your business such as the latest promotions, which will ensure that your audience is aware of the up-and-coming changes to their experience with your business. This is no doubt a simple yet cost-effective strategy to boost your sales. This is especially important in this pandemic, as people are increasingly transitioning to online platforms and reducing their face-to-face interaction with you.

If you are not using any of these strategies, it is time to consider implementing it today to build relationships with your customers and ultimately boost your sales and brand. Alternatively, you can join Wellnex which utilises all the features mentioned above to give your business the competitive edge. Whatsapp us at +65 9827 1575 to find out more!


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