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6 lifestyle factors that you must have to stay healthy and happy!

At Wellnex we have identified, thanks to the support of the study from Swiss-re, 6 so-called lifestyle factors that include sleep, exercise, nutrition, mental wellbeing, the environment and substance use.

Our lifestyles influence how we are and what we feel. Beyond daily routines that confort us in our to believe of being healthy, we have the opportunity to monitor specific elements.

The word “lifestyle” means different things to different people. Yet all of us regardless our genders or ages can improve our way of living by looking and monitoring our health and 6 elements that contribute to such health.

For instance, it is important to have a healthy diet that does not focus too much on sugar, fat, or alcohol. In addition, it is common sense that regular physical, brain or social activities facilitate a good and positive mental wellbeing.

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