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Allergy Test - Intradermal Food Table rate during the Allergy Awareness Month.

This month, Wellnex is working with ASCENT ENT Clinics to help its members to get affordably tested for any allergies.

There are two types of test.

Here intradermal table. The Intradermal allergy testing is method of skin testing to help determine whether an individual is allergic to a specific allergen. The test involves injection of a small amount of the suspected allergen under the surface of the skin.

Below you will find the table rates that will be used to explain what to test upon the diagnosis made by our Allergist upon the consultation.

Consultation price for the month of December 2021: $80 including GST (U.P. $150)

Please book through our concierge using Wellnex app.

Allergies Ascent ENT.xlsx - Food List
Download PDF • 142KB


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