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Are You Able To Take Care Of Your Helper?

Your helper is hired to take care of your household but it is your responsibility to take care of her too. This includes annual health checkups, access to medical care and assistance in unexpected situations. It is also includes twice a year, a formal health screening that is vetted by the government, and finally an airline ticket to allow her to go on holiday at least every two years.

Overall, you need to be not only responsible but also financially sound as some significant costs are involved and you should be aware of it.

First, there is the cost you have to pay when you hire her. These are the costs which are one-time off and do not need to be paid again. We can define it this way:

So expect to spend about SGD2,000 before you are able to get a Helper in your Home.

Second, you will have recurring cost that can be define as follow:

  • Monthly salary: no less than S$550/month

  • 6-monthly medical examinations: S$40 each time (or less if you go with Wellnex)

  • Food for your maid: varies

  • Monthly levy for employing maids: S$60 or S$300*

  • Other costs such as travelling, basic necessities: varies

So again you need to put aside: another $1,000 minimum per month to ensure that you can afford a helper in your house. Can you?


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