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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Recovering from Breast Cancer

It may be difficult for anyone to adapt to a new life after a Breast cancer treatment that includes surgery or strong medication. Here we try to review what symptoms you may face and how to cope with it.

Breast cancer and its treatments will generate changes to female body and may affect the way the women will look.

After surgery that includes breast removal, you’ll be left with a scar or scars. Also You can have lost your hair if you had chemotherapy. It is quite common to put on weight during or after your breast cancer treatment.

Even though many of the effects can be temporary, they are still frustrating to live with and can impact you in the way you see your body, or make you feel towards the others as it can make you obvious that you have been through a Breast cancer.

Most women have surgery as part of their treatment. The first time you look at your body after the operation can be difficult. After surgery your breast/chest area is likely to be bruised and swollen, but this will improve over time.

For some women, surgery doesn’t affect how they feel about themselves, but many others find the changes more difficult to accept. Your confidence and self-esteem may be affected and you may feel unfeminine or unattractive.

Some women feel lop-sided or incomplete. You may feel very self-conscious, for example if you’re in a communal changing room, particularly at first.

Many women want to try to restore their natural appearance after breast cancer surgery.

Some women feel that breast reconstruction enhances their quality of life and helps them to feel more confident overall after a mastectomy.

Some studies have shown that immediate breast reconstruction can help a woman adjust to the changes to her body. Most women who have breast reconstruction are satisfied with the result. However, not everyone’s experience is positive and some women feel unsure of their new shape or feel very aware of their new breast(s).

Breast reconstruction can only recons.

Menopausal symptoms are a common side effect of treatment for Breast cancer. This is because treatments can either stop the effect of female hormones or stop their production altogether.

Menopausal symptoms that may affect how you feel about your body, intimacy and sex include:

  • hot flushes

  • night sweats

  • loss of desire

  • changes to how you experience orgasm

  • vaginal dryness and pain

Weight gain during and after treatment can happen for several reasons. Some drugs can increase appetite, you may be less active when having treatment, or you may eat more if you’re anxious or because your routine has changed.

Putting on weight can affect how you feel about your body and leave you with low self-esteem. However, some simple changes to the way you eat and exercise can help you lose weight and keep it off.

Hair loss can be a distressing side effect of chemotherapy. Your hair may be an important part of how you feel about yourself and losing it can affect your confidence and self-esteem.

Hair loss is almost always temporary and hair usually starts to grow back once chemotherapy has finished, sometimes sooner.

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