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Critical Illness Statistic in Singapore

As at 2019, the most common cause of death in Singapore is cancer, strokes, heart issues and diseases, as well as pneumonia, kidney diseases, urinary tract infections and lung diseases occupying the top ten list.

Looking at the statistics on cancer, about 41 Singaporeans are diagnosed with it each day. And every day, 15 Singaporeans die from it.

In fact, 1 in Every 4 to 5 Singaporeans may get a critical illness at one point of time.

Now the probability will vary according to your profile and health. For instance, for a 25 year old male, we must differentiate smoker versus non-smoker:

  1. A non-smoker has a 24% chance of having a critical illness (cancer, heart attack or stroke) prior to turning age 65, and

  2. A smoker has a 49% chance of having a critical illness (cancer, heart attack or stroke) prior to turning age 65.

More than 90% of Critical Illness Claims Come From Only 5 Conditions

While there are 37 critical illnesses in the LIA framework, are they all important?

Turns out that only a few matter.

These are the 5 CIs that make up most of the CI claims (more than 90%):

  • Major Cancers

  • Heart Attack of Specified Severity

  • Coronary Artery By-Pass Surgery

  • Stroke with Permanent Neurological Deficit (new change in name)

  • End Stage Kidney Failure (new change in name)

Most CI Claims Happen from Age 51 to 55 and the costs to treat a critical illness is high in Singapore with an average CI claim payout is $52,000.

The most common cancers for Men are :

  1. Colon & rectum,

  2. Prostate,

  3. Lung,

  4. Liver,

  5. Lymphoid, and

  6. Skin

The most common cancers for Women are :

  1. Breast,

  2. Colorectal & Rectum,

  3. Lung,

  4. Uterus, and

  5. Ovary


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