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Discover how to make your cardio work with Digital Fun Games

This month of August, Wellnex and SparkD invite you to a new experience!

Come and join us next 13 of August 2022 from 10AM to 12PM at SparkD @ The Herencia to play with digital platforms and exercise like you never done it before


SparkD is a new inclusive gym that focuses on both brains and brawn. SparkD positions itself as brainchild of dance and fitness that helps people combat cognitive decline while staying active.

Opened in late March 2021, the River Valley gym welcomes pro athletes, working adults, retirees, and even children as young as seven, looking to improve their cognitive and physical performance.

How does it work?

Using cutting edge technology from the US and Europe, Sparkd offers a range of customisable programmes that are led by brain health certified coaches and backed by scientific research.

These programmes can be modified according to professions and requirements to better stimulate targeted areas of the brain while engaging in body movements. With something for everyone at every age and every stage, kids and adults can look forward to bootcamps in the form of 45-minute group classes or 60-minute private one-on-one sessions.

Next 13 of August, the interactive multi-component classes will combine physical activities such as HIIT, strength, flexibility, coordination, and agility, with cognitive exercises in a fun game format.

Not one to leave anyone out, you can come with your kids or even with people with disabilities and neurological conditions.

The gym houses a neuro-rehab space, with a specialised therapist to provide dedicated services to anyone with cognitive conditions like cerebral palsy, Parkinson's or Alzheimer's.

Come down and there is doubt that Sparkd will help fire and wire your neurons while you break a sweat and dual-task.


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