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Foreign Domestic Helper Health Screening: 6MEs

During your Domestic worker's ( FDW ) employment, you must send her for a medical screening every 6 months. This medical examination screens for pregnancy and infectious diseases such as syphilis, HIV and tuberculosis.

A reminder will be sent via email or letter to remind you to bring your helper to the nearest clinic to do so. Depending on the clinic, a medical examination costs around $35 per visit, so twice-yearly medical examinations would cost a total of $70 plus your transport and time to spend at the clinic. If you wish to extend the stay of your domestic helper for more than two years, she will need to undergo a HIV and tuberculosis medical examination. These cost $35 and $45 respectively.

If your helper is 50 years old or above, she doesn’t need to go for 6ME. She only needs to go for a medical examination upon renewal of her Work Permit.

If you are sending your helper home within 1 month from her 6ME due date, you can choose not to send her for the 6ME.

If you intend to keep her for more than 1 month from her 6ME due date, you need to apply for a waiver.

Since August 2021, such screening cannot be done at home anymore as part of new measures introduced to help detect abuse. Health screening must be conducted in clinics. You should not be present during the examination to provide a safe environment for migrant domestic workers to speak up if they need help.

Lastly, all results will be submitted by clinics, and you can use the FDW eService to check if clinics have submitted their helpers' results and view the results.


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