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Convert social media followers to nurtured leads:

Wellnex is not Facebook, Twitter nor Instagram. Wellnex is not a social media, we are a complement to social media. Acting as a funnel for your business, You can channel your social media followers into 1 single integrated platform & effectively target them. Why would followers join in the first place? You can entice your followers in two ways; Firstly, through our Healthcare benefits & secondly segmented benefits provided by you. Effectively bring your followers into your community & begin targeted your targeted marketing strategies.

Provide a call to Action

Not receiving much reception from your social media? Why not try our online Quiz feature! Providing a call to action such as “ Do a 3 Minutes Quiz now & Get free access to healthcare benefits! “ Not only are you able to create multiple quiz versions, you can customize the details of each respective quiz as well. Track the response but at the same time gain valuable information regarding your consumer base when these members are automatically invited to your community.

Wellnex provides you with a different method of generating new leads and online quiz is one of the few but you get to choose which works best for you!

Product / Service Information: With our brand new feature, retailers area able to market to the entire WELLNEX community if given access to. You can take this opportunity to capture fresh & hot leads by making a concise yet informative outreach post. You can include information such as online demo sessions, product trial periods or even quotations using our private chatroom!

Ultimately, you want more leads & more sales and Wellnex is constantly improving and adding new features to helps you achieve this.

Keep in touch with your leads

Wellnex is more than just a storage for your customer data. With wellnex, you are given to the tools to actively work on your data. Based on your consumer base information, transform your entire marketing strategy into a more targeted and concise one. You can improve on your website, products, email & outreach strategies to increase the number of effective touchpoints you have with your consumer base. To sum up, wellnex allows you to build a network of consistent lead generators through your website, social media, email marketing and all other channels.


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