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How to market your home based business?

You are a home based business and you want to boost your marketing?

How are you advertising your product?

How many platforms are you using to market your product?

How many followers do you have now?

How would you like to have more loyal returning customers?

Lastly, how would you like to make more money?

Wellnex is the answer to all your questions. Be a Partner on Wellnex. Invite your existing followers to be Wellnex Members.

In two simple steps, you will be able to build and grow your business with Wellnex. Wellnex provides home based business owners with the tool to grow your community. A platform curated for your business, your members, your community.

Step 1: Be a Wellnex Partner at no cost

The first step is becoming a Wellnex Partner Community builder. Best part, it is at zero cost! We are providing you a free solution for you to grow your customers’ database and to grow your business. With just one portal, you can reach out to all your members and post all your discounts and campaigns on several social media platforms.

Step 2: Invite your followers to be Wellnex Members at no cost

You can easily invite your followers with our hassle-free system. As a Wellnex Partner, you will have a unique referral number. Provide your followers with the link and they will be directed to the Wellnex members App for sign up. Links are too boring? Download your QR code from our system and send it to your followers!

Now the fun begins..

As a partner, you will be able to publish and post your ads and products on Wellnex app, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter using our omni channel system. It means you only need to login to one portal instead of four yet have the same post on all these platforms. All your followers from all these platforms will be able to view the exact same post and advertisement. On top of that, our existing pool of 45,000 members will also see your ad and campaign on their Wellnex App. Talk about free advertising!

Now that you already have your members, let them help you out a little bit. Word of mouth? Your members can easily refer you to all their friends and families. In the Wellnex members’ app, they can refer their friends and families or anyone in their contact list to join your community. These new followers will be tagged to your community in Wellnex.

Distinguish yourself by providing your members with exclusive benefits. Wellnex partners up with more than 200 clinics and more than 100 lifestyle merchants. Your members will get to enjoy preferential rates on healthcare services. After indulging in guilty pleasures (your famous Nutella tarts) your members can head down to a partner dental clinic for scaling and polishing at just $50. Show your members that you care!


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