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How to optimize Your Lead Generation Amid the Global Pandemic

With the heightened COVID-19 alert recently, businesses are no doubt going to take a hit once again. Some have already go

ne under during the initial circuit breaker last year.

What can businesses do to minimize losses and emerge from this crisis stronger than before?

The answer lies in the digital revolution, which has been accelerated by the dire situation since the pandemic began. Introducing WELLNEX, the solution for Retailers, F&Bs, Restaurants to generate leads, build their community and stay in touch with their existing clients while staying safe amidst this pandemic.

How does it work?

Wellnex enables you to onboard an unlimited number of customers, each one taking just 1 minute!

You can offer the WELLNEX app and membership for free to your customers, and in turn, you get to collect their basic information for marketing purposes, and done, they become your member for life (until they decide to leave you).

With WELLNEX you can build you own Rewards program !

The Wellnex platform enables you to retain your customers’ interests by providing discounts and promotions for over 70 merchants. Customers can simply join Wellnex for free and be entitled to these exclusive benefits! Among the immensely popular benefits are the $12 GP consultations and numerous F&B discounts!

You can even customise for your customers your very own rewards program, such as birthday specials. Stand out from the crowd by offering these exclusive benefits to your customers!

Social media is an important part of your business marketing strategy. Platforms like Wellnex work like Facebook and Instagram to help you connect with your customers, increase brand awareness, and boost your sales. Members immediately receive a notification whenever you create a new post! Publish news and promotions to keep your customers engaged and establish brand loyalty.

WELLNEX allows you to develop your on Referral program

Referrals through word of mouth from satisfied customers is no doubt the best way to bring in potential customers. Create your own referral program to continue generating leads even in these trying times! On WELLNEX, you can easily track the source of each referral and reward these customers accordingly. Our platform also enables you to collect testimonials and ratings from your customers to further boost your credibility and attract new customers.

Worry not about missing revenue in this pandemic and gain that edge over your competitors by going digital with WELLNEX!

For a demo with us (Whatsapp: +65 98271575) to find out more!


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