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Increase your consumer Touch Points with WELLNEX

Discussing and communicating with your prospects or leads or clients are an opportunity to improve your customer feeling!

Each time a customer 'touches' your business they adjust their opinion of your business.

Thats why adopting Wellnex is a good opportunity to increase the touch points!

Multiple Platform Integration

Yes WELLNEX provides you with your very own customer relationship management platform. Though this does not mean that you have to abolish your previous systems. Using Deliveroo, Chope!, Booking Calendars? Simply link these platforms to your WELLNEX profile and create an all in one virtual stop for your members! Not only will it create greater convenience for your members, but also greater opportunities and a higher conversion rate for you!

Social Media

WELLNEX is not another Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… Instead we are a COMPLEMENT of such social media platforms. With WELLNEX, you don’t merely advertise, but instead include a CALL TO ACTION in all your social media posts. Bring your followers away from competitors on such platforms and start nurturing them through segmentation methods. “Why would anyone even become your WELLNEX member?” you may ask.

A list of benefits that you can use to entice them:

Ø Medical Benefits

Ø Home Services,

Ø Lifestyle Benefits,

Ø Up to date & Consolidated information

Ø Exclusive membership benefits

Chat Management

Want to have a fast & efficient way to communicate with your membership base? Not only is WELLNEX integrated with Whatsapp from your members’ contact details, you can also make use of our Chatbox function to respond to individual queries.

A demonstration of communication using WELLNEX:

Membership Benefit Management

Don’t forget about your current members! With WELLNEX, you nurture your current community as well. Through various engagement tools such as membership benefit & publishing system, you can develop & still increase your touchpoints with current members. Use these functions effectively to increase members opportunities to patronize your plugged-in platforms – ecommerce, bookings.


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