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Monthly Talk on Cancer Prevention - How can TCM help?

Critical illnesses such as cancer has been on a rise. Wellnex talks about how TCM can help!

Yi Ting Na will come and talk from a TCM physician perspective how we can prevent Cancer by adopting simple TCM steps.

Yi Ting Na is a Co-founder of YiTCM Pte Ltd and she hold a bachelor degree in Biomedical Science and traditional Chinese Medicine from Nanyang Technological University Singapore and a Master degree from Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Yi TCM combines Eastern medicine and techniques with Western knowledge to provide you with the best service and results possible.

In combination with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, TCM has the potential to be used as an assistant therapeutic approach; it can enhance the response rate (RR) to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, reduce the severity of toxic effects and other side-effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Join this 45mns talks to discover how TCM can help you to prevent against cancer!


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