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Movember Health screening package 2023

This month that focuses on Male health, we are working on providing to our members a special set of health screening to check if all is good!

Wellnex partners with Assure from Mount Elizabeth. Assure Urology has a wide range of in-house diagnostic tests and treatment options available to help you check and evaluate your health conditions.

The earlier you detect any underlying conditions, the higher your chances of a successful recovery. If you experience any symptoms that may indicate a specific issue, you should consider a proper screening.

Below you will find a series of Health Screening that start at $350 up to $580 including GST.

Check what is the most relevant and comprehensive for you and contact your concierge for booking the full month of November 2023.

check full details in this document below.

Assure Urology -Movember- Wellnex 2023
Download PDF • 991KB


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