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Publishing News Regularly is Critical for your Business! WHY?


Publishing weekly newsletters should be integral to your marketing and branding strategy.

Each newsletter, news, promotions, offers consist of relevant current affairs and updates about your business such as explaining what is going on in your business.

By communicating, you will ensure that your audience is aware of the up-and-coming changes to their experiences, development of new services or products.

It is also a simple yet cost-effective strategy to boost your sales as you can reach your followers or clients easily with a nice image, catchy title, and simple text.

It is exactly what we are doing right now by writing our blog :).

Neglecting publishing can certainly restrict your growth.

Especially during this pandemic!

People are increasingly transitioning to online platforms and reducing their face-to-face interaction with everyone including you!

WELLNEX is built to maximize your engagement with your followers, leads and clients. At WELLNEX, we equip you with various tools to meet these goals and generate higher sales.

Engage your audience

How do you encourage your audience to always read what you posted?

By ensuring you value-add to your subscribers!

Posts including exclusive offers and other helpful information will certainly have your members look forward to every post you make.

With WELLNEX, you can publish news and promotions easily. Your members will instantly get a notification on the WELLNEX app as well as via email, prompting them to view your brand-new post.

Make them feel special

Personalize your posts to make your clients feel more engaged!

For instance, a simple “Happy Birthday” message to your client will increase brand loyalty, boost your sales, and improve your brand reputation. To make them feel even more special, you can add a treat like an exclusive discount, or even come up with suggested itinerary or menus for them to celebrate their big day.

Lucky for you, WELLNEX enables you to send birthday messages to your clients easily, with a convenient function for you to filter members’ upcoming birthdays in the following week, month or the next 3 months.

Expand your reach

Have a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account?

Save time and expand your reach at the same time whenever you post on Wellnex! Share your WELLNEX posts on these social media platforms conveniently for greater coverage across different channels! Simply select the social media platform you want to share your Wellnex post on.

Every WELLNEX feature is designed to help YOU gain more clients, while retaining your existing ones! Take advantage of these Wellnex features and grow your community today! Schedule a demo with us via WhatsApp at +65 9827 1575 to find out more.

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