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Why you need to segment your audience?

The ability to collect customer data and segment your audience is critical for any business, because marketing efforts may not be effective if they are targeted at the wrong customer group. Here are three reasons why:


The more you know about your audience, the more you can narrow down and better identify what you can provide to them. Wellnex enables you to collect basic information from your audience such as date of birth, gender and citizenship (in a compliant way, of course). This serves to improve customer retention and loyalty as the goal is to market effectively to them and make them shop with you again.


There are many factors that influence pricing.

Aside from your costs and profit targets, factors such as age can influence the demand of your good or service. For instance, being able to offer discounts to students and elderly can greatly encourage these groups, who may not have as much income, to patronise you. Moreover, special discounts on birthdays can also make your audience feel special and encourage them to celebrate their birthday with your products!

Different groups of audience are attracted to different things. Knowing the demographics of your audience empowers you to select the right advertising strategy to draw them to you. For instance, when marketing to students, you may want to target school holidays, as well as keep up the latest trends and buzzwords that teenagers use.

Customer demographics are highly important for the success of your marketing efforts. Wellnex as it is currently offering free accounts for retailers. Whatsapp us at +65 9827 1575 to find out more!


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