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Singapore Dental Hygiene Statistics

A study conducted in Singapore last year discovered that 60% of Singaporeans did not adhere to the recommended dental check-up schedule of once every six months. Instead, 43% of them only visited a dentist when they experienced tooth-related issues such as a toothache. Moreover, 56% of them spent less than two minutes each day brushing their teeth, and 18% failed to brush their teeth twice a day.

Also, Dr. Chee Hoe Kit, a member of the SingHealth group and Consultant at the Periodontic Unit of the National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS), stated that Singaporeans have a considerable level of awareness regarding dental health, and the state of oral hygiene in the country is fairly adequate. He attributed this to the emphasis on oral care in schools over the past two decades.

Another study made in 2009 showed that despite Singapore having 100% fluoridation, 40% of children under the age of six in the country suffered from early childhood caries (ECC). Shockingly, 90% of those affected by ECC did not receive any treatment for their condition.

It is important to note that with only 4.1 dentists per 10,000 individuals, Singapore is experiencing a shortage of dentists. As a result, the dental market in Singapore is far from being saturated, particularly when compared to other developed countries across the globe.


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