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Test the Power of FREE!

People love free things. What is there to lose when something that might benefit oneself is free?

It is simply human nature to not say no to freebies.

Why do businesses give away free samples? This comes from the concept of reciprocity where free products are given away to a potential customer in the hope that recipient will buy something from them in return in future, thereby boosting sales and brand awareness. It is a simple way of taking a short-term loss for great potential in long term gain.

Businesses like yourself can use this highly effective marketing strategy to acquire new customers, gain referrals, build up your brand, and ultimately give a huge boost your sales.

Here is how you can do so with Wellnex:

Gain customer loyalty

Choose a simple product to giveaway. To earn that freebie, a potential customer has to join you as a member on Wellnex. After trying out your product, they will no doubt return to purchase it again if they like it. Just like that, you have gained another loyal customer! For your existing customers, you can run your own loyalty program on Wellnex to encourage them to frequently shop with you. In exchange, they can be rewarded with even more freebies to further increase their loyalty to your brand!

Satisfied customers will also recommend your product to their family and friends. With Wellnex, you can run your own referral program to reward existing customers for bringing you even more new customers. In exchange for freebies, you can leverage upon your existing customer base and have them essentially work for you in expanding your customer base! This effect scales extremely well, as the larger your customer base is, the more new customers they will bring in. Such a loyalty program is sure to exponentially increase the size of your customer base, creating a solid foundation upon which your business can stand on!

Stay in touch

Even if they do not come back to your shop after receiving the freebie, fret not. Since they are a member on Wellnex, you can reach out to them anytime by publishing news and offers. They will instantly receive a notification, prompting them to take a look at your new offerings. Any interested customer will most certainly return to check out your products and purchase more!

In the end, you stand to gain much more than you lose when you apply giveaway strategies in your business.

Reach out to us via Whatsapp: +65 98271575 to find out how we at Wellnex can assist you in this process.


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