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The importance to bring your followers away from your competitors!

Publishing on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin is great, you can get access to unlimited reach! It is good for awareness!

It is also good to get more followers! Yet what do you do to make your followers.... clients?

You are not the only one to publish on these social networks and basically you are just fighting one another to get a followers that may not turn as a client at the end of the day!

With WELLNEX, no competition!

Designed solely for you, WELLNEX provides you with your very own customer relationship management platform + app to offer to your members. Though we have different merchants utilising the WELLNEX platform, rest assured your members are only a part of the communities they wish to be in & able to view the respective news/offers. Essentially, you are facing 0 competition as the entire system is catered to you alone & your customers’ membership experience will be dictated by you

WELLNEX is not a marketplace!

WELLNEX is not a marketplace or e-commerce platform like Shopee or Lazada. The main goal is not to engage in competition with other merchants through pricing or discounts, but instead to nurture your own membership base. Forget about what your competitors are doing but instead what you can do to better improve the consumer experience for your members!

WELLNEX complements Best of Both Worlds:

1. Expand your outreach

Want to have a fast & efficient way to expand your membership base? Not only is WELLNEX integrated with other social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter & Facebook, we help to provide a call to action to viewers of your social media uploads. By simply linking to a 2 minutes sign up page, your brand awareness & social media engagement level will increase at the same time. Viewers are more inclined to be a part of your community & enjoy the benefits when a hassle free sign up option is provided.

2. Improve your customer retention

Yes we do agree that expanding your outreach & consumer base is important. However, WELLNEX emphasises on your current community as well. We empower you to nurture your current community as well. Through various engagement tools such as membership benefit, chatroom & publishing system, you can take steps to communicate and build rapport with your members. With theses powerful tools, you can create a systematic and consistent engagement plan to convert one off customers to loyal members that consistently visit and patronise your store.


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