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The need to build & nurture your community differently!

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

In todays world, people spend more and more time on digital platforms, multimedia, social networks. They also consume differently!

How to reach them easily, keep them and ensure that we make them happy!

Wellnex team has designed the platform to ensure that the partners that join us are able to grow their base of followers, leads and clients!

Wellnex makes it a point that if a Financial advisor, a retail or service provider, a free lancer, or anyone that needs to nurture his client base sign with the platform, he will achieve the following in less than a month:

  1. His overall database will grow

  2. His numbers of followers will grow

  3. His client retention will increase

  4. His client stickiness will increase

  5. He will have more satisfied clients that will refer more people!

  6. His service awareness will increase.

How can Wellnex ensure this?

Well, Wellnex focuses on three main critical needs:

1- Build & Grow your community!

Wellnex is efficient!

You have access to unlimited number of Campaign marketing design. You can create Multiple QR code or link that you can share via your Whatsapp, Facebook, Linkedin and twitter!

You can design membership cards and distribute them according to any segment (consumptions, age, gender....) they are issued automatically and via the app.

You can organize referral programs from your members or your partners!

It is easy and done at fingertips.

You can spread your communication, publications to the app but also through the social networks automatically

2- Build-up your Customer Loyalty!

Wellnex offers to your members some critical benefits that are of high value!

For instance, we offer Healthcare services with very good pricing (around 40%-50% discount) thanks to around 200 clinics spread islandwide.

All partners that join also offer their specific discount or promotions or benefits.

All of these makes the membership very powerful.

More than 8-10 daily offers or exclusive services are published every day!

3- Grow your community confidently!

Our platform is easy to use, get set.

You just to plug and play!

You have e-store, plug it in. You have a e-calendar to book your appointment, plug it in.

Even Whatsapp is integrated.

Once you join as partner, you will appear in the platform and the app automatically. Start your marketing and make yourself visible so easily!

Wellnex is the platform to join if you want to develop your business differently!

Wellnex is not here to replace Instagram, Linkedin, or Facebook....Wellnex is here to complement these platforms!

Brings all your followers to Wellnex to understand who they are (DOB, gender, how they behave) to send them specific offers and to truly reward them!

Join us!

Whatsapp our Concierge: +65 98271575


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