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The power of distributing Coupon & Vouchers to strengthen your Customer loyalty

Creating greater traction:

coupons attract consumer attention. Offering viewers, a reduction in price or some other deal makes them feel exclusive & getting more value for their money. Yet at the same time, coupons generate greater attention and awareness for your brand and all your products. Members heading down to use the coupons have a goal in mind, however it is only human nature to browse other products. With WELLNEX, you can leverage on the use of coupons to upsell complementary products!

While Stock Lasts Coupons:

You can control how many of these virtual coupons to give out. The fact that there are only a limited number of coupons to redeem make buyers feel more exclusive. You can create a sense of competitiveness and urgency in the market, promoting a higher conversion rate from viewers on the app to actual paying customers.

Call to Action:

With WELLNEX coupon feature, you can include a benefit in your call to action. Because of the limited number of coupons, you can set a deadline for members to redeem. The lesser number of coupons would naturally have a shorter deadline. For instance, a “Get 50% off Today Only “deadline creates more excitement in the market & gets customers to act more quickly. Whereas a “On your next visit” coupons draw customers to the store yet again, improving repeat business.

Target future marketing efforts:

Thanks to your coupons, you can now gather critical information regarding customer behaviour such as the time of redemption vs time of actual purchase, what is being purchased and the receptivity of various promotions. With WELLNEX, you can attain all these information at your fingertips & complement your future pricing or marketing strategies!

Discover how to create a voucher or coupons with Wellnex!

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