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The power of push notifications in Wellnex App

Being avid users of mobile devices, virtually everyone is no stranger to push notifications. As one of the top marketing strategies used on many platforms, they are an integral part of any marketing strategy by adding value and sustaining a customer’s interest. Upon tapping on a push notification, the user will be immediately redirected to the relevant app or website.

Wellnex enables you to make full use of the power of push notifications to keep users engaged. Here are 3 ways your Wellnex members will receive push notifications:

Whenever you allocate or update a membership benefit to your members, they will be instantly notified of it. Such benefits can range from the latest voucher, discount, or promotion that can incorporated into your own online loyalty program. This will help to increase customer stickiness by incentivizing them to keep shopping with you.

Likewise, each time you publish any posts containing news or offers, your members will receive an instant push notification. This will prompt them to read your post and be updated on the latest happenings that are relevant to your business. Similarly, this can boost brand image and loyalty, so don’t forget to make publishing news a regular habit!

In addition to our built-in WhatsApp chat function, Wellnex also has a chatroom function for Account Managers who do not wish to link their personal WhatsApp accounts. Members can then send you a message using this chatroom function. The moment you reply to their message, they will be notified of it and will be prompted to view your response.

Nonetheless, a significant part of successful push notifications is to not overdo it. Find the right balance such that you do not put off your members by sending too many notifications. Good luck and have fun!


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