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Tips of maintaining your hand healthy

Manicures are the perfect way to increase your body’s health and to further, in more extreme cases, give you an indication of underlying health problems. Not to mention looking great too.

Similarly, a pedicure helps not only to clean and moisturise your feet, it also provides nail care. Getting a monthly pedicure done is advisable, as it's an effective way to detect early signs of corns and fungal infections, among other things.

Something to know about your nails:

Our fingernails are made of keratin, a type of protein. Healthy nails should be a nude/pink colour with white tips. All of your fingernails should be strong and shiny, with no discoloration or dark spots under the nail. There should be no indentation or ‘pits’ under the nail surface. Your nails should be constantly growing, roughly 3.5mm in a month.

If your nails are flaky or weak, you may have a more minor problem such as a vitamin D deficiency. If you have small horizontal white patches under your nails, you are probably lacking in calcium.

However, some unusual physical appearances in your nails may be a hint to a more serious health problem.

What your nails tell about your health:

  • Extremely cracked nails – if you are frequently experiencing dry, brittle nails that are constantly cracking, you may have a thyroid issue. If there is a yellow tone in your nail alongside the cracking, this is more probable to be a fungal infection.

  • Very pale nails – this could be a sign of anemia or heart failure.

  • White nails with darker rims – this is a sign of liver problems, like hepatitis.

  • Blue tones in your nails – this is usually a sign of bad circulation, which could lead to lung problems. Your lungs are not getting enough oxygen.

  • Rippled nails – If you have unusual, textured ‘bobbly’ nails, this may be a sign of psoriasis or inflammatory arthritis. Often, the nails are also slightly red-toned.

  • Dark lines – If you have extreme dark lines under the nail, this is vital to get checked out by your GP as this has links to melanoma, the most lethal type of skin cancer.

Dont worry but take care of your nails because it feels good!

The majority of small changes, such as slightly cracked or peeling nails, or flimsy texture is simply a sign of a smaller, manageable matter such as a deficiency or too much moisture.

When you get a manicure or pedicure, your nail technician will have a close view of your nails and will be able to inform you of any obvious changes in your nails.

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