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Wellnex Adopts SingPass SafeEntry

Updated: Jun 25

Wellnex is proud to announce to have deployed their latest version of their app which includes the SingPass!

Wellnex is the first app non dedicated to government service to have such service. Matthias de Ferrieres, Founder of Wellnex confirmed that safe access is critical to create trust and confidence with customers especially when dealing with sensitive data. Adopting such tool that has been developed by the Singapore Government demonstrates that Wellnex is really up to the edge when it comes to technology.

SingPass, also call Singapore Personal Access, is the official Singapore resident's digital identity. This authentication system allows all Singapore residents to get easy and secure access to a myriad of government and private sector services online, and in person.

However it is not so developed in App as of yet! Wellnex is a pioneer.

Launched in March 2003, Singapore Personal Access (or SingPass) allows users to transact with over 60 government agencies online easily and securely.

 Wellnex will keep developing safe and sound solutions to secure its member data.  Wellnex is also very proud to be working with Singapore Gov Tech and to have achieved such milestones!


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