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Why people download Wellnex and become lifetime member for Free?

WELLNEX was launched late 2019 to help financial advisors to offer something different to their leads and clients!

Wellnex has now more than 44,000 registered members, out of which 4,000 are using the app on monthly basis!

WELLNEX'S value proposition prides itself on not being a singular product but instead an integrated ecosystem of services. Capitalising on its user-friendly online app and platform. Our deliberate position as a one-member multiple products platform allows members to not just buy from a single retailer but instead be a part of the entire WELLNEX ecosystem and enjoy the exclusive perks.

Here is why you should embark on your journey as a WELLNEX member:

ACCESSIBLE cost savings :

Everyone loves discounts or reward vouchers but whats frustrating is being unable to claim these due to proximity or T&C issues. At WELLNEX we aim to improve the entire consumer experience for you by making the process more seamless and hassle – free. Starting from firstly becoming aware and subsequently attaining such cost savings. The WELLNEX platform provides up to date and consolidated daily offers across the country. By simply browsing the daily offers section, you will receive a plethora of options to choose from. They are all stated in a clear, direct and straightforward manner. T&Cs are required by partners to be clearly stated to prevent any misconceptions and wasted trips. To allow for greater accessibility, a google map with pin points of all promotional outlets and clinics across the country is also displayed for navigation purposes.


At WELLNEX, we assume that each member is unique in their own way; having a completely different app and community.

WELLNEX allows you to take charge of your own shopping experience by customizing the app to suit your personal taste and preference.

Though WELLNEX has over 70 partners from LIFESTYLE, WELLNESS, HEALTH, F&B, BARS and more, as a member, you will get the freedom of choice to decide which retailers to link up to and form a mini community.

Through this personalisation, a filtering system is also set up at the same time where news or unwanted information from other retailers are filtered out of your system.

Your shopping experience will be more concise, unique and catered to you alone.


At WELLNEX we are exclusive to our members. Partnering with Fullerton health and IHP healthcare, wellnex members regardless of age get to enjoy exclusive medical rates: $12 GP consultation, $50 polishing/scaling consultation and much more. Though you may have a favourite retailer that you frequent, as an esteemed WELLNEX member you are still entitled to all available promotions within the ecosystem – meaning more consumption accompanied with more cost savings at more vendors nationwide. Through our allocation system, retailers are able to reward and add on additional special benefits to loyal members of their brand. Essentially, we value your membership greatly and in return you get to enjoy the benefits of being part of the ecosystem for a lifetime.


Have you ever called back to a retailer but to no avail?

At WELLNEX, we do not just do sales. We go beyond by forging a community between stakeholders. By equipping partners with communication tools, our ecosystem works on a two way relationship. Firstly, our chatroom function in the app allows you to direct enquiries to our vendor. Secondly, through our publishing tool, you will be the first to be updated on publications and announcements by vendors.

Through seamless communication between retailer and members, there will be greater accountability, certainty and safety for you.

So join Wellnex, contact your store, shop, massage, F&B and ask them if they heard about Wellnex! Tell them they should join!


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