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Why you need to get the Wellnex CRM?

CRM helps sales people to optimize their daily schedules and prioritize tasks to make sure customers are not ignored and the key prospects are contacted on time. In fact, CRM allows sales people to spend more time with customers, which leads to more deals closed and a stronger customer base.

Let's review the advantage of Wellnex.

Basic feature of storing data:

Being DPTM & PDPA Certified, Wellnex helps you to store all critical information such as your contact data and marketing opportunities in 1 single and safe place. How many times have you forgotten a contact in the sea of all your cliental list in your phone? With Wellnex, you can categorize information between leads & actual clients. Rest assured only you and you alone will have access to this data.

Increase customer touchpoints:

Wellnex offers you with multiple outreach & nurture tools. First and foremost we integrate with your calendar bookings and ecommerce platforms. You can have unlimited access to mass email marketing, unlimited publication templates and unlimited lead generation campaigns. Your customers will no longer have to go through the hassle of changing websites and logging in multiple times. With 1 single log in, he can now access all information and services you provide!

With multiple tools at your disposal as well, find out what works best for you!

Filtering of Quality Leads:

100 generic leads or 50 quality leads? Wellnex serves as a funnel for you to channel & filter quality leads into your community. Through our integration with your social media platforms, swiftly onboard viewers that are already keen and developing an interest! Stop wasting large proportions of your efforts on leads that will not generate any results. Targeted & Segmented marketing strategies are more effective and leads to greater cost savings as well!

Onboard them & convert viewers to loyal and actual paying customers!

Know Your Customer (KYC):

Wellnex provides you with unlimited features! What does this mean?

Through multiple marketing strategies & membership data collected, you will be able to analyse the needs and wants of your target market. Anticipate future trends and problems that your target market might face. Effectively plan out your daily, weekly or even monthly schedules to ensure that potential prospects are not being ignored.

Achieving all theses will simply ensure greater brand loyalty as well as greater profits!

Cost Savings:

Best part of all, Wellnex is now free to use! With close to 0 cost incurred, you can cut down on time doing repetitive admin tasks.

Simply do more with less effort with Wellnex!


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