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Fitivate & Wellnex explaining to its members the importance to prevent against prostate cancer!

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

During this Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Fitivate has published a couple of information with regards to Cancer Prevention.

First what are the risk factor of having a Prostate Cancer? According to Fitivate, we have:

  • Age : Older men are at higher risk of getting cancer. 6 in 10 prostate cancer are found in men age > 65. Your risk increases greatly after the age of 50.

  • Family History: Your chance of getting prostate cancer is higher if any of your male relatives have it

  • Smokers are at higher risk of getting cancer:

  • Diet : diet high in animal fat and low in fibre increase risk of prostate cancer

What are the Signs and Symptoms that could say that you have a prostate issue if not a cancer. They can be defined by some difficulty in urinating, also blood in urine or semen, it can be through back pain that you can realise that something is wrong.

But also, be careful if you deal with weakness or swelling of the lower limbs, tiredness and weight loss and realise that you have Lumps on the prostate gland. All of these can be detected during physical examination by a doctor.

Prostate Cancer is the 3rd most common cancer and 4th most common cause of cancer death in Singaporean men.

Many men suffer from bothersome urinary symptoms such as poor flow, urgent desire to urinate, and waking up frequently at night to urinate, amongst others. A survey of local men showed that many men think that these symptoms are a part of the natural aging process.

Did you know that You should do a screening at least once a year after 44 years old. Unfortunately, there is a lack of evidence to support population and push them to do a prostate cancer screening Singapore and too many skip!

You should stay aware and be cautious! Some organization like the Singapore Cancer Society does it best to create awareness but it is difficult!

Get your health screening done now. Wellnex participates in the campaign of prevention and awareness and works with SMG and Fullerton to offer good health screening package!


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